"What Do You Guys Do, Anyway?"

People often ask us, "What do you guys do, anyway?" In a nutshell, we develop training programs as well as consult with companies to help them more effectively educate their employees, business partners and customers. But what does that really mean? Let me tell you a story to help illustrate. In 2013 we were contacted by the Vice President of Health and Safety for a regional oil and gas pipeline company. He needed help developing online compliance training to keep the company’s team of more than 2,000 workers safe and in compliance with federal and state regulations. Over two years, we developed more than a dozen new training programs for his company. Then the company was sold to a larger pi

When Will We Ever Learn?

Knowledge is an important commodity in the Information Age, but not all information is knowledge. If you remove all the information in your brain that has short-term value, such as news, celebrity gossip, weather, sports scores and so on, you’re not left with much actual knowledge. One might define knowledge as “information with lasting value to retain and use.” You can gain knowledge (and keep it) mostly through reading, observing, following good advice, and learning, but you can gain information from almost anywhere—and usually throw it away. For example, if the circle below represents all the knowledge (as we’ve just defined it) in the world, about how much of it does the average person h

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