Retaining in the Brain: Motivating Your Learners

We’re all on a search for the Holy Grail; that is, the “Holy Grail” of training, or the maximum outcome of our efforts: Learn it once, retain it forever. But we can't succeed on our own. We should motivate learners to become our partners in training, or at least willing participants on our search. We need to help learners become invested in continuing their learning after training has been completed. Most of us who develop training for clients or our company’s employees regularly face the reality of a learner’s low involvement in their ongoing retention: As long as a learner has passed the test and received their certificate, they feel they’ve accomplished everything that's expected of them.

Part IV: So You Want To Hire an Online Learning Development Company…

If you are thinking about working for the first time with an outside curriculum development company to help you build an online or in-person training program, you may feel lost without a clear direction to start moving. But have no fear! In this series of blog posts, we are outlining what it takes on your part by breaking it down into five simple steps. This is the fourth post. Our first post gave a high-level overview of all the steps. The second post focused on getting your curriculum and/or source material together. And the third post helped you focus on the scope of the training. If you haven’t read the prior posts yet, we highly recommend you review them before beginning this one. For t

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