Part VI: So You Want To Hire an Online Learning Development Company…

If you're thinking for the first time about working with an outside curriculum development company to help you build an online or in-person training program, you may feel lost without a clear direction to start moving. But have no fear! In this series of blog posts, we're outlining what it takes on your part by breaking it down into five simple steps. This is the sixth and final post. The first post gave a high-level overview of all the steps. The second post focused on getting your curriculum and/or source material together. The third post helped you focus on the scope of the training. The fourth post covered what the user experience is and how the training looks and feels to learners. And

The Company You Keep

Recently, we were contacted by a long-time client in the healthcare industry. She introduced us to a colleague who needed some help with training in another department at the same company. On the surface, that’s nothing remarkable. We often get referrals within the same company. But this one got me thinking: We’d been working with this client for several years. Five or six years, maybe; that’s what I thought, but I wasn’t sure. That spurred me to dig through the files and see just how long we've been working for this client. Turns out I was wrong. Actually, we began working for them nine years ago, almost to the day. I was stunned. Nine years! As of this writing we’ve been in business for a

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