Reviewing a Curriculum Company's Work Samples

Thinking about hiring a learning development company to help you develop custom curriculum? Then it's a good idea to review other work they’ve done before you sign an agreement. Our recent series on this blog described the five steps to take before hiring a curriculum development firm for your next training project. But let's examine the necessary step of more closely reviewing their work samples. The following 10 tips will describe how to do this effectively. For the most part, this list applies equally well to the development of both online and classroom programs (although it's weighted slightly more to online training). 10 items to consider 1. Define your motives. Why are you reviewing wo

Test Story

Spoiler alert: There will be a test in this blog post! Most instructional designers routinely prepare tests for their courses, such as pre-assessment, post-assessment and knowledge questions. As we’re developing these true-or-false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, short answer and other traditional types of tests, we often give little thought to improving the learner’s experience when taking them. We usually spend most of our time and energy designing great content slides that include scenarios, interactions and eye-opening graphics, leaving the tests as an afterthought. And why bother with also making tests more interesting? The conventional thinking is: If learners have been paying att

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