The Keys to Adult Learning

In instructional design of any learning program, the needs of the learner should be your highest priority. Neither your instructional technological wizardry nor your dazzling writing style will do much good if you don’t know who your learners are, what they need to know and do, and in what ways they learn the best. When it comes to designing for adults, you should refer to the well-known principles of adult learning. If you don’t already know them, here they are (along with their implications for your e-learning design): Adults must be motivated, and develop a relevant, personal need to know why they must learn. (Identify learning objectives at the beginning of the course.) Adults are autono

Follow Up Your Training with Well-Placed Reinforcement

So you’ve just completed a large training program for your employees. You have a set of high-importance skills that you need to make sure your employees are proficient and reliable in performing. You’ve distributed all the training materials you have, and you’ve tested everyone to make sure they know the material. But how do you prevent against “knowledge atrophy” in your employees’ comprehension and ability to succeed in newly trained areas? Just look for high-visibility spaces to reinforce mastery of the knowledge. Walk like an employee First, put yourself in the shoes of one of the employees you want to train. Walk through their environment as if you were coming to work and beginning the

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