What’s at Stake?

In the learning business, we often talk a lot about what knowledge that learners are meant to retain from their training. We usually begin planning an instructional project by asking questions such as: What skills gaps are we trying to fill? What tests are we helping people pass (or what certifications are we helping them achieve)? What are the learning objectives? What problems in our organization are we hoping to address through training? What key performance indicators are we hoping to improve? But besides looking at the tangible costs a training might require—such as travel, LMS user fees, registration, worker downtime, etc.—how often do we consider the intangible costs? In my experience

Becoming a Consultant: The Two Truths

It's 2020, and maybe the year you finally plan to “hang out your own shingle”; that is, to become a consultant, leaving the “security” of your job and being your own boss. It happens every day in the training business. Sometimes it’s voluntary. You’ve always wanted to be in business for yourself and see the opportunity to sign your current employer as a client so you can set up shop with paying work from Day 1. Sometimes it’s not voluntary. You get downsized, right-sized or out-sized, and you consult out of necessity. Or you decide to make unemployment an opportunity rather than a sentence. Hours for sale Whatever the situation, there are two critically important truths to heed. The first is

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