Lessons from LaMar’s

One of the most difficult and frustrating things we do is sell our training concepts to people who don’t have a background in training. It usually goes something like this: You’re tasked with creating a training program by an internal customer or a client. They believe training is needed, but don’t know what it should look like or how it should work; their knowledge of effective training is based solely on a few experiences they’ve had. You evaluate the purpose, audience, required outcomes and content, and envision a learning design that takes into account delivery method, instructional approach, learning objectives, assessment methodology, application of learning, reinforcement, follow-up,

In the Course of a Lifetime

In many ways, today was just an average day: In the morning, Monica, an HR manager for a local manufacturer, had an appointment with her real estate agent to tour new houses, lasting until noon. So she rescheduled all new hire orientation and safety classes for tomorrow, to take place after she completed her already thrice-delayed “Employee Disciplinary Policy” online course. Also today, Pete was eager to start his new job as a packer at the manufacturer’s warehouse. Without the benefit of orientation or the required class “Warehouse Safety,” he began moving boxes to the loading dock. He didn’t notice until too late that one box was particularly heavy, and he threw out his back after lifting

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