The Communication Gap in Training

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place." —George Bernard Shaw Communicating clearly and effectively can be one of the biggest challenges for trainers. Often, the only difference between a good trainer and an excellent one comes down to whether the information you present is received by learners in the way that you intended. Here are three tips for closing the communication gap: 1. Enlist an observer Consider asking a friend or colleague to attend and observe the class. Look for someone who isn’t either an expert in the material or on the training staff of your organization. Also, this person should be someone you trust enough to give you honest a

Considerations for Updating Your Training

Training needs to be developed, delivered and maintained. If you have a plan to create it and deliver it, but no plan to keep it updated, it’s a two-legged stool and will topple over sooner or later. When you are thinking about keeping training up-to-date, consider: Content—Will the technology change? Will thinking or processes in the discipline advance? Does it involve software that will be upgraded? Appearance—Will the course include pictures of people whose hair styles and clothes will become dated? Will the design begin to look “so last year”? Could company organization or ownership change requiring updated branding? Delivery—Might additional delivery modalities be needed, such as a clas

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