Picking Up The Scent of Learning Retention

How do you make your classroom training more memorable? If you’re like most instructors, you’ll incorporate audio and video and even some physical activities. Adding these elements is great, but they engage only three of the five senses of your learners: sight, hearing and touch. But what about smell? Did you know that of all the senses, your sense of smell is the one most tied to memory? In fact, the olfactory system (your sense of smell) has only two synapses—or connections between nerves—from the smell receptors to the highest level of the brain, making it the shortest path of any sense. So, what if all you had to do to increase the memorability and positive emotional connection of your t

What Are Spacing and Interleaving?

If you’ve studied education, you might be familiar with the concept of "spacing." It suggests that to spread teaching or reinforcement activities over time increases retention and performance better than teaching the material all at once and move on. One example is teaching vocabulary in a foreign language class. If you present and drill 10 new words during a one-hour class, recall at the end of the class will be high, but retention and performance over time will be poor. But if you present the vocabulary, wait 48 hours and review and practice, wait another 48 hours and do it again, etc., retention and performance will increase significantly. This is a powerful and proven technique that's be

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