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September 16, 2020

From my experience, instructional designers are more likely to work from home than the average employee. But still, I would estimate that about 50% of my ID peers worked remotely pre-coronavirus, while 50% were in the office.

So, for many, the switch to working remotely...

March 4, 2020



Many blog posts and feature articles contain "spoiler warnings" to alert you that they may spoil your enjoyment of some other media, such as movies and TV. This blog does not contain any such "spoilers," but I feel compelled to start with a "content warning...

May 8, 2019


Knowledge is an important commodity in the Information Age, but not all information is knowledge. If you remove all the information in your brain that has short-term value, such as news, celebrity gossip, weather, sports scores and so on, you’re not left with much act...

October 1, 2018



You’ve spent months developing an elearning course for customers of NewName Software’s latest application. As an instructional design consultant, you became part of the team from the concept stage of the course, developed the script and storyboard, designed the slide...

August 20, 2018



Hi! I’m your older self, writing to you from 30 years in the future. Here in 2018, we can send messages to the past, but only to our younger selves.

In this message I’ll give you lessons from the instructional design mistakes I made in the past, in hopes that you’ll a...

May 29, 2018



Note: The following is a transcript of remarks given at a commencement ceremony by Addie Lerner, dean of the Instructional Designers College, Truth or Consequences, N.M.

Congratulations, graduates! You’ve just completed your campus education in the various ID approach...

November 3, 2017



Here’s a thought exercise to see how you view your work and your job as an instructional designer.

Imagine this scenario: You’re developing the last course of your career. And how do you know it’s your last one? Perhaps you’ve just landed a new job outside of training...

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July 15, 2020