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Corporate Training Instructional Design vs. Show and Tell

The boss walks into your office and assigns you the task of getting everyone trained to support the big new product launch. If the sales, customer service and product staff members don’t fully understand the features, benefits, pricing model and market position of the new product, the launch will fail, he says. And if the launch fails, heads will roll.


But, says he has complete confidence that you can lead the charge and use state-of-the-art corporate training instructional design techniques to put together a training program that will make the launch a resounding success.


Then, as he turns to leave, he adds, “Just don’t screw it up.”


Here’s how most people screw it up. They buy a couple boxes of donuts and invite everyone into the training room. They turn on the projector, stand up in front of the class and SHOW everyone pictures of the new product and TELL them how great it is. Then they send everyone off with slap on the back and a sugar high.


What did the Show and Tell accomplish?


Not much. Sure, everyone has now SEEN the new product HEARD about it, but no one has been trained. You have no way of knowing if they learned anything, retained anything, can apply what they’ve learned, or can execute what you need them to do to ensure that the product launch will succeed.


Show and tell was great for kindergarten, but don’t confuse it with corporate training instructional design.


How can you not only avoid screwing up, but create a program that actually trains people to support the new product and contribute to its success? Don’t Show and Tell. Do create effective, engaging instructional design online training or classroom programs that work. That incorporate professional instructional design web based training and state-of-the-art blended and classroom learning.


Not sure how to create effective instructional design training online?


Afraid you don’t have the knowledge and experience to create instructional design web based training, or professional classroom curriculum?


Give Zipline a call. We can put our experience and expertise in corporate training instructional design to work for you.

We can create instructional design web based training and classroom programs that will move the dial, help your new product launch succeed, and make you a hero.

Want to know more about corporate training and instructional design?

Learn About Development From A Corporate Training Expert!

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