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Want To Create Online Training Classes?

Are you interested in learning how to create online training classes?


Do you have content you would like to use to create an online course?


Do you have an existing, passive video classes that you would like to
use to create interactive online courses? Or are you a subject matter expert on existing regulations, and you’d like to use your expertise to create an online training course?

Zipline Performance Group can help! With our years of experience creating online training classes of all sorts, we specialize in taking an idea for training, no matter what stage the idea is in, and turning it into engaging, effective, interactive online training.

Have you started thinking about creating online training courses, but don’t know where to go next?


Consider in which bucket below you may be stuck, and we can help move you on to create your online
learning courses.


Bucket 1 – An idea: You may only have an idea. You may see an area where you need more training, or you feel like you could train others in something. In this bucket you only have a thought and a few notes
jotted down.

Bucket 2 – The outline: In this bucket of trying to create online training classes, you have compiled notes, organized your thoughts, and built a general structure of what you believe needs to be covered in the training. You may have also begun saving resources to use as source content or training material.

Bucket 3 – Full Content: In this bucket, you have pulled together everything you need to create online learning courses. You have all your source material. You have flushed out your thoughts into full written sections or chapters. You know where and how to use additional tools and resources in the created online training classes.


Bucket 4 – Existing training: You may already doing in-person, classroom-based training that you would like to use to create an interactive online course. Or you may already have created an online training course that is not interactive or only in a passive video format, which you would like to use to create interactive online courses.


Bucket 5 – Updating existing interactive online learning: Maybe you have already created a cutting-edge high-quality online learning course, but that was a long time ago. The regulations the training covers may have changed, or you might be looking to add new interactivity, or even convert it to HTML5.


We can help you create online training classes to bring your old courses up to date.

No matter what bucket you might find yourself stuck in, Zipline Performance Group can help you create interactive online courses of your own.


So give us a call for a free consultation, and let us help you take your idea, your outline, your content, your existing training, or your online learning course and create online training classes of your very own!

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