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Elearning Course Design and E Learning Support Services: 2 Keys to Effective Learning in Your Business!

Not only are elearning course design and e learning support services crucial to the success of your online training programs, but engineering the relationship between the two can be the difference between ho-hum training outcomes and rocking your learning objectives.

Part of the problem is, you typically think about elearning course design at the beginning of the project and e learning support services at the end. And there may be weeks or months in between.


The solution is to think of both as a part of the design process, which needs to happen at the beginning of the project. Consider design as having two elements: elearning course design and e learning support
services. Then develop them together.

Here’s how:


 Elearning course design – this is the instructional design phase. Here you are determining the instructional methodology considering audience, learning objectives, delivery method and source material to determine the best way to teach the content.


But before you start building the course, stop and create an e learning support services plan.

 E learning support services – now that you know the instructional methodology you’ll be using to teach the course, consider what elearning support services students may need in order to be
successful. In other words, how might your elearning course design affect students’ need to interact with the instructor?


What technology issues might they encounter, such as a video that doesn’t play, a simulation that confuses them or a graphic that doesn’t display properly?

The need for student support varies based on the instructional methodology employed, and now is the time to determine what those needs are and to create a plan to ensure that they are met.

All too often, elearning course design just happens. The course developer doesn’t take the time up front to intentionally consider the best instructional methodology to attain the course’s learning objectives.

Similarly, e learning support services are often an afterthought, or not thought of at all. The instructional designer just leaves support to what ever is provided for the organization’s other courses, not considering the unique needs that the content she is creating may impose on the learning process.

Taking a little time up front to expand your thinking of what the design process entails, and intentionally creating an elearning course design AND e learning support services plan will help ensure that your
course is effective.​

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