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As online training developers, we design for teachable moments. That mental flash when a student is excited to know the answer or understand the concept.

Those moments result in real, long-term retention and changed behavior.

Whether we're developing learning programs for a classroom presentation, an eLearning exercise or a skill-building activity, step one is to engage the learner's imagination and curiosity. As online training developers, that’s always our goal. Every online class is carefully designed to stimulate learning to ensure application, retention and behavior change in support of your business objectives.

Our typical eLearning course development services include:

  • Online course development for new training programs

  • Conversion of existing training courses to online, onsite or a hybrid blended learning model

  • Skill building exercises, activities, and evaluation

  • Creating course resources such as glossaries, checklists, and desk references

  • Voiceover and video production

  • Test question authoring

  • Train-the-trainer program development

  • Quality assurance testing

  • Production of translated versions


Wondering whеthеr уоur eLearning investment iѕ worth it?

Consider this:

  • If you lose one $40,000 per year employee because they weren’t adequately trained to do their job it will cost your organization between $10,000 and $40,000.The cost of online class development that could save you from losing dozens of employees is often a fraction of the cost of losing one employee.

  • If you spend $1 million to launch a new product and don’t professionally train the sales, customer service and administrative employees who will support it, the cost to your organization could be more than $1 million when you factor in the damage to your company’s reputation and the lost opportunity costs. eLearning course development costs a small fraction of that and can set up your new product to be a long-term revenue generator for your company.


Staff members whо аrе bеttеr trained, are mоrе knowledgeable аbоut products аnd services, аnd аrе mоrе efficient as a result of eLearning. 


Consider Zipline Performance for your eLearning course development needs. Consult now!

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