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How to Select the Best Elearning Development Companies To Build Your Online Training?

So you’re considering hiring an elearning development company to build some online training. You know you only want to consider the best elearning companies to ensure that you get an effective, engaging program with as little hassle as possible.


But how to you know which vendors are really top elearning companies? And how do you know which of the best elearning companies is right for your project?


Based on more than 20 years’ experience both purchasing elearning from top elearnign companies and creating online training for others as one of the best elearning companies in the world, we’d suggest these three steps.


  1. Look at their work

Start here. If they truly are one of the top elearning companies they will have lots of samples to show you. Look for quality, effectiveness, engagement and variety. Is the onscreen text clean a free of typos and grammar mistakes? Is the design and voiceover professional? Do all the features work? Is it easy to learn from? Do you find it interesting and does it require you to engage with the content? Does it look and sound good? And is there a variety of looks, styles and instructional design approaches to indicate that they’re responsive to the needs of their customers and the content? Or do they try to force all courses into their look and feel.


   2. Hear from their customers

This is critical. The best elearning companies have raving fans. Get testimonials and read them. All testimonials are going to say that the company did a good job. But you’re looking for ones that say the company did a great job, far exceeded expectations, and is a vendor the client can’t live without. And take the time to contact their customers directly. There’s nothing like hearing straight from the horse’s mouth and being able to ask follow-up questions.


   3. Check their responsiveness

This is the sleeper. Most people stop after #2. But working with elearning development companies is a partnership. And the difference between a responsive partner and one that takes several days to return a call, provides vague answers and seems preoccupied, can be the difference between a successful project and a big problem dumped on your desk. When you inquire, how quickly do they respond? When you ask for names and contact information for customers, did they provide it quickly and cheerfully, or did they make you feel like it was an imposition.

Want top elearning? Then hire top elearning companies. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to finding the best elearning development companies to work with. Want more information?

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