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"What Do You Guys Do, Anyway?"

People often ask us, "What do you guys do, anyway?" In a nutshell, we develop training programs as well as consult with companies to help them more effectively educate their employees, business partners and customers.

But what does that really mean? Let me tell you a story to help illustrate.

In 2013 we were contacted by the Vice President of Health and Safety for a regional oil and gas pipeline company. He needed help developing online compliance training to keep the company’s team of more than 2,000 workers safe and in compliance with federal and state regulations. Over two years, we developed more than a dozen new training programs for his company.

Then the company was sold to a larger pipeline company; we didn’t hear from them until 2017, when the same Vice President of Health and Safety contacted us again. After his previous employer was sold, he moved to another company in the same industry and now needed safety compliance training for his new employer.

Since then, we’ve developed many more training programs for the new company, this time in both English and Spanish. In fact, we’re just finishing development of a four-module program that all newly hired employees will complete to get them started on the right foot and to reinforce the company’s commitment to a 100% safe culture. Like most of our development for the company, we produced these modules in English first, then we translated them into Spanish and produced a full set of modules for the company’s large Spanish-speaking workforce.

When it comes to developing training programs, that’s what we do. A company needs a training program and we create it for them, whether it’s for online or classroom delivery. We don’t claim expertise in a particular industry, though we have quite a bit of knowledge in several industries and are very quick learners. Our expertise is in adult learning principles, instructional design, and the technologies required to author and deliver learning.

We’ve done work for clients in a wide variety of industries, including healthcare, transportation, telecommunications, industrial plant operations, banking and finance, call center, legal cannabis, K-12 and higher education, IT, insurance, home services, online marketing, retail, data analytics, security and, of course, oil and gas. Every program is unique and developed for the needs, culture and expectations of our client.

On the consulting side—well, that’s a story for a future blog post. So stay tuned!

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