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Looking for training design consulting services? Look no further. We can put our 25+ years of custom learning design experience to work helping make your training more productive and efficient.


Spending too much on training that’s not increasing revenue or decreasing expenses? We can help. As one of the best corporate training companies in America, Zipline is your go-to training partner.

With our training design consulting services you can:

  • Save hundreds of hours of trial and error

  • Dramatically broaden your perspective, and

  • Uncover revenue opportunities you might have missed

Our typical training design consulting services include:

  • Training program planning

  • Instructional design to motivate learners

  • Evaluating whether online or onsite is the best fit

  • Establishing certification programs

  • Integrating training with supervisory evaluations

  • Creating remediation programs for at-risk employees

  • Developing a communication plan to support training

  • Learning Management System consulting

  • Mapping training to job descriptions and expectations

  • Change management to support training

  • Planning training to maximize new product rollouts

  • Analyzing return on investment of training

  • Communicating with supervisors to reinforce staff training


Fоr companies lооking tо create a nеw training program or convert an existing classroom program to instructional design online learning, our deep experience and unique perspective can spell the difference between wasted training dollars and a positive return on your investment.

Here are two actual examples of the difference we’ve made for our customers:

  1. An international BPO call center operator asked us to build an eLearning onboarding program to ensure that all new employees, regardless of where they were hired, learned the exact same things about the company during their first day on the job. But due to our highly refined training design consulting services, within 15 minutes we could see that an online-only program wouldn’t accomplish their objectives because new employees in some of their call centers couldn’t access the corporate eLearning portal until several weeks after being hired. We recommended a hybrid blended learning model that allowed the exact same new hire orientation training to be presented online where new employees could access it, and in a classroom when eLearning access wasn’t initially available. The solution allowed them to achieve their business objectives rather than waste thousands of dollars on a new program that didn’t meet their needs.

  2. An insurance company hired a different custom design eLearning company to create an online training program to help their customers avoid costly litigation from policy owners. But things weren’t going well. The program the other company developed wouldn’t run smoothly resulting in frustrated customers and unfilled promises. Using our training design consulting services, we were able fix the problem, get the training operating smoothly, and help them achieve the savings in litigation expenses they sought. As a result, they hired us to custom design eLearning for their next program. That was more than seven years ago and we continue to be their go-to partner for training design consulting services and corporate e learning solutions.


Learn more about how you can benefit from our corporate eLearning solutions and training design consulting services to implement training that helps you exceed your business objectives. Click the button below!


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